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because employers are not paying enough.                their homes. Government then decided that
        That might be plausible if people were                  it must mandate vaccinations, in spite of the
        applying for jobs, but they’re not. I’m aware           debilitating side effects of at least one of the
        of several local businesses that have not               vaccine variants, which resulted in a number
        had anyone come in to apply for advertised              of deaths, and was eventually pulled from the
        positions. It’s hard to blame pay rates when            market.
        nobody even asks how much you are paying.
                                                                   The most frightening part of this entire
           To assist struggling businesses, the                 debacle is that anyone who questioned the
        government then began offering financial                wisdom of the prescribed response was
        grants to businesses, but for the most part it          silenced, and even threatened. The mere
        was only to those businesses that employed              statement of certain inconvenient facts
        people. If a business was a one-man sole                was considered borderline criminal. In the
        proprietorship, apparently no help was                  meantime, greater than 99.7% of those who
        needed. Again, this money was pulled out of             were infected with the virus survived it.
        thin air.                                               Those who succumbed were people who had
                                                                “comorbidities”, a fancy way of saying that
           Other restrictions that were placed on
                                                                they were in extremely poor health in one
        commerce soon resulted in a disruption of
                                                                form or another. So the government decided
        supply chains. We all know the rule about
                                                                that healthy people needed to fear this virus,
        supply and demand, even those of us who
                                                                and be willing to be subjugated in order to
        don’t think it is a valid economic tenet. The
        fact is, anything that is in short supply will
        have greater value than it would if it were                Some pundits have posited that all of
        abundant. We see this in the real estate                these efforts to save people may actually have
        market, which is now a “seller’s market”.               resulted in more deaths than if we had just
        More people want to buy homes in this area              taken the usual steps to quarantine the sick,
        than there are homes available for sale, which          instead of quarantining the healthy. Violent
        sometimes results in bidding wars.                      crime is on the rise, inflation is spiraling,
                                                                goods are in short supply, domestic violence
           I’m reminded of the poem about the old
                                                                and substance abuse have skyrocketed, and
        lady who swallowed a fly. To catch the fly, she
                                                                demands on local charities have hit an all
        swallowed a spider, and to catch the spider she
                                                                time high. Government’s answer: Let’s double
        swallowed a bird, and so on, swallowing ever
                                                                down on the out of control spending. Yeah,
        increasingly large animals, each to catch the
                                                                that’ll fix it.
        previously swallowed critter. She finally dies
        after swallowing a horse. Nonsensical though               We are getting ready to swallow a horse.
        it may be, it is an allegorical reflection of the
        problems we are facing today as a nation.

           Every time government steps in to save us,
        things get worse. Our national economy took
        a full scale beating in order to “flatten the
        curve”. Children, who are the least susceptible
        to COVID, were forced to stay locked in

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