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Editor’s Note

                                                              By Tim Ernandes

         I had the opportunity to interview the late          Rogers franchise.”
      Roy Rogers, and his wife, Dale Evans, on two
                                                                 Wow. The plan was for me and Richard, and
      separate occasions, more than 40 years ago.
                                                              one other sales rep, to drive down to D.C., less

         I was working at a radio station in                  than an hour away, and meet up with Roy in
      Frederick, MD at the time. My job was to                his hotel suite (Marriott, of course). We were
      write and produce commercials.                          accompanied by the PR rep from the local

                                                              college, who wanted to interview Roy for the
         One of our big advertising clients was a
                                                              college newspaper.
      man named Pete, who owned all three of the

      Roy Rogers franchise fast food restaurants                 I had met other celebrities prior to this, but
      in Frederick. He had built all of them, and             none with the star magnitude of a Roy Rogers.

      his account rep, Richard, came to me one                It was a delightful experience.
      day to tell me that Pete wanted to use Roy’s
                                                                 As a child growing up, I loved cowboy
      actual voice in his commercials. I had been
                                                              shows, and while I knew his name, I could not
      accustomed to receiving some really insane
                                                              recall ever having watched any of his shows
      requests from other clients, so I rolled my eyes
                                                              or movies. Nonetheless, I was excited to meet
      and asked exactly how I was expected to pull
                                                              this legendary man. Richard had asked me
      off such a miracle.
                                                              to script some liners for Roy to record. I was
         “No problem,” Richard assured me with a              familiar enough with the man to be able to

      wave of his hand. “Pete and Roy are friends.”           write words that would sound like his own. So,
                                                              cassette recorder in hand, I accompanied this
         I let that sink in for a minute.
                                                              little entourage to the Crystal City Marriott.

         “You’re telling me that Pete is a personal
                                                                 I was immediately struck by the pure
      friend of THE Roy Rogers?”
                                                              sincerity of the man. He was warm, friendly,
         “Yep,” he answered. “Before he built these           and entirely unpretentious. I was not prepared

      restaurants, Pete was a VP for Marriott                 for his straightforward honesty when he began
      Corporation, he was in charge of the Roy                to answer our questions. One might assume

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