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      Shining Ladies CONTINUED
      Josephine Doody, was a former dance-hall girl. She     law enforcement agencies to recruit women in their
      lived in a remote cabin in Glacier National Park,      efforts against female bootleggers.
      and enjoyed a prosperous trade with the men of the
                                                                Another prominent Prohibition Agent, Daisy
      Great Northern Railroad. When the train passed
                                                             Simpson, was based in San Francisco, but she
      through her area, they would stop and toot the
                                                             traveled to other cities like Chicago and New York,
      whistle. The number of toots told her how many
                                                             working undercover. A master of disguise, she would
      gallons of moonshine they wanted. She would then
                                                             infiltrate local speakeasies, hotels, and restaurants. If
      load it into a small boat, and deliver it across the
                                                             owners or bartenders offered to serve her alcohol, she
      Flathead River. She is the stuff of local legends in
                                                             would arrest them immediately.
      those parts. The inscription on her headstone reads,
      “Josephine Doody, October 16, 1853, January 16,           A reformed juvenile delinquent, Daisy was well
      1936. The Bootleg Lady of Glacier Park.”               familiar with the denizens of bars and speakeasies,
                                                             and reportedly had over one hundred disguises.
         Perhaps the cleverest of all female bootleggers,
                                                             As fearless as she was creative, she once seized
      Maggie Bailey started selling moonshine when
                                                             8,000 gallons of wine in a single raid. Her exploits
      she was 17 years old, and was still selling it out of
                                                             earned her the nickname, “Lady Hooch Hunter”.
      her home at the age of 95. She had become so well
                                                             Unfortunately, in 1925, a Treasury Department
      educated on the 4th amendment that she thwarted
                                                             official decided to ban women from serving as field
      repeated attempts by law enforcement to arrest her.
                                                             agents, and she decided to resign rather than become
      She had numerous hiding places that would not
                                                             an office worker.
      have been covered by search warrants, which then
      had to be thrown out. In other cases, she managed to      Things did not go well for her after that, and
      escape punishment in spite of numerous arrests and     eventually she slipped back into her former seedy
      mountains of evidence. This was partly due to the      existence, eventually getting herself arrested on drug
      fact that although she had a great deal of money, she   charges. After a failed suicide attempt which once
      spent most of it helping others. Because of this, juries   again threw her into the public spotlight, she retired
      would refuse to convict her.                           and faded into anonymity.

         Eventually, law enforcement caught on to the           Moonshine is regarded as a Southern thing, but it
      tactics of women bootleggers, and arrived at an        extended as far north as Montana, and as far west as
      appropriate solution, which again flew in the face of   California. It had its earliest roots in Pennsylvania,
      the prevailing societal norms: Female agents.          and was a thorn in the side of none other than
                                                             George Washington. The legends live on about men
         Georgia Hopley was a ground-breaking female
                                                             like Popcorn Sutton, but Al Capone could not have
      journalist, and eventually became involved in Ohio
                                                             had his empire without the likes of women like
      politics and the temperance movement. She likely
                                                             Willie Carter Sharpe.
      got her foot in the door because her father was a
      newspaper publisher, and her brother was a Senator.       Here’s to the “shining” women of the South.
      She became active in national politics, and worked
      for Warren G. Harding’s Presidential campaign.
      Her notoriety led to her being appointed as the first
      female agent of the Bureau of Prohibition, making
      national headlines. She was instrumental in gaining
      public support for the enforcement of prohibition,
      and effectively illustrated the tactics that were used
      by female bootleggers. This encouraged many local

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