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        It’s always great to hear from our readers. We enjoy receiving your comments, suggestions, puzzle
        solutions, and any photos and articles that you care to submit to us.

        Please understand that it is not always possible to answer everyone, but we do read everything that we

        If you would like to submit a photograph or article for consideration, please observe the following

           • We cannot return the items that you submit; please do not send originals
           • For best quality, digital photos must be high resolution (300 dpi)
           • Images taken from websites are generally of lower resolution and therefore unusable
           • Articles should be relevant to SML or the immediate area, including:

              o History of the area
              o Interesting personalities in the community
              o Adventures, life experiences, etc. of people with strong ties to the lake
              o SML clubs, organizations, churches
              o Culture and the Arts at the lake
              o Fiction and humor from local writers.

        While we encourage everyone to submit anything of his or her choosing, we cannot guarantee that we
        will use your submission(s). Anything that is used may appear in any subsequent issue of the magazine.
        We discourage readers from submitting the following types of content:

        • News stories, political opinion and other topical pieces that “age” quickly.
        • Book reviews, restaurant and theater reviews
        • Event driven stories, although we may print a photo or two from time to time
        • Articles designed to promote or advertise a specific business

        Please send submissions to:
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