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Moon Phase Fishing

                                                                                          by Bob King
                                                                                          b b y Bob King
                                                                                           y Bob King

         In previous issues of Discover Smith                  a sharp drop off in activity. The next 3 hours
      Mountain Lake, we have discussed moon                    in the late afternoon should once again be
      phases and how they affect fishing.                      productive. When there is no moon at night,
                                                               the reverse holds true. The first three hours
           To review briefly: if there was a moon at           should be good; take the next three off, and
      night, I would not start my day fishing at               resume fishing during the next three hours.
      daybreak. I would wait about 2 hrs before
      going on the water. There will most likely be a               When I say a moon at night, I mean for the
      15 minute window to catch fish at first light,           period 7 days before through 7 days after the
      and then it will probably drop off sharply for           full-moon.  No moon at night means 7 days
      the next 3 hours. Therefore, I would wait for at         before right through 7 days after a new-moon.
      least two hours to go fishing; your best results         Keep these facts in mind, but remember: they
      should come after the first 3 hours, and last for        are guide lines, not absolute rules. There will be
      about the next 3 hours.                                  variables; they won't be down to the minute,
           The following 3 hours will again produce            because we're dealing with Mother Nature,


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