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and she doesn’t punch a time clock. Following           A light action would be too light to work the
        these guidelines will greatly improve your              fish, unless you are challenging yourself to
        catch and your day..... Don’t knock it till             catch a large fish on light tackle, in which case
        you've tried it! It works!                              you need to make sure that the other 2 things
                                                                are done correctly.
        Full Moons for the rest of the year                          First of all, you need a good quality line
 Moon Phase Fishing  • September 20----6:54 pm                  that has a certain amount of stretch... Next,

                                                                you'll need a good reel with a good drag
        • October 20-------9:56 am
        • November 19----2:57 am
                                                                the fish can run without breaking your line,
        • December 18---10:35 pm                                (important). The drag needs to be set so that
                                                                but also needs to be tight enough to work the
             September 1st is usually the first “cool-          fish. Do these things properly, and you should
        down” day of the summer.                                                       be able to land any size
        Like anything else in                                                          fish that takes your bait!!
        fishing, this is a guideline,
        and not a hard and fast                                                             Your boat should
        rule. Of course, this                                                          have rod holders in
        means that the fishing                                                         the rear and should be
        patterns will change.                                                          able to troll at a slow
        The fish will go into a                                                        speed. Speedometers on
        transition period or mode.                                                     a boat are notoriously
                                                                                       inaccurate, and this
             When the fish are                                                         makes it hard for me to
        moving all the time, it                                                        tell you what your speed
        can be difficult to try to                                                     should be. Start out by
        bait fish them or cast and                                                     trolling as slowly as you
        jig lures. Trolling makes                                                      can. If you are pulling
        more sense. You'll need a                                                      your baits over the fish
        boat that idles slowly, has                                                    and you can see them on
        rod holders, a good graph                                                      your graph, and there is
        (fish finder), trolling rods                                                   no action happening, you
        and the proper line and                                                        need to slow down some
        lures, and most of all, the                                                   more, especially if other
        proper information to troll successfully.               trolling boats are catching fish and you are
             You'1l need a trolling rod with a medium
        action tip and a good trolling reel with 14                  If you are already trolling as slowly as you
        to 20 lb. line. Keep in mind: there are three           can, get a five gallon plastic bucket. Tie a
        things that aid you in landing a large fish,            rope on the handle, and tie the other end to
        even on light tackle. The medium action rod             the rear of the boat, and throw the bucket in
        tip allows you respond to a running fish,               the water as you troll. Dragging this bucket
        because of the action. A heavy action tip on a          should slow your boat down even more.
        rod would not allow you that response time.             Hopefully this will be enough. I had a boat

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