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Editor’s Note

                                                              By Tim Ernandes

         Social media sites and mainstream media              more than “Russian disinformation”. Yep,
      outlets saved “democracy” for us by silencing           those pesky Russians were at it again. This
      all voices that mentioned a certain laptop,             was documented in a letter signed by the

      formerly the alleged property of Hunter                 aforementioned Infallible 51.
      Biden. Had this story been permitted to see
                                                                 To make matters worse, there were some
      the light of day in those venues, most certainly
                                                              outlets that did share the information in spite
      it would have damaged not only Joe Biden’s
                                                              of the assurances from experts that it was
      bid for the Presidency, but also the 2022
                                                              entirely falsified. Still, you had to give a lot
      midterm elections.
                                                              of credit to the conspirators behind this plot.
         Boy, we really dodged a bullet with that             The entire fabrication had to make logical
      one. Can you imagine the chaos if this                  sense, so of course, the laptop was “found” in

      “misinformation” had received widespread                a Delaware computer repair shop. The owner
      attention? Supposedly, the laptop in question,          of the shop, no doubt complicit in the hoax,

      if it ever really existed, was dropped off for          claimed that it had been abandoned by it’s
      repair at a Delaware computer shop. You have            alleged owner after 90 days.
      to give the perpetrators of this elaborate hoax
                                                                 It’s not hard to imagine that this man could
      a lot of credit. They managed to fabricate
                                                              conceivably have examined the contents of the
      volumes of damaging evidence against not
                                                              hard drive, made copies, and forwarded them
      only the “first boy” but the entire Biden family,
                                                              to the FBI. Right there the story begins to
      including “The Big Guy” himself.
                                                              fall apart, because the FBI is above reproach,
         Now, as we all know, a multitude of                  and would immediately have stormed

      “credible sources”, including a panel of 51             the Biden home in the wee hours of the
      former intelligence officials, all certified the        morning, dragging the family outside in their
      matter as undeniably without foundation.                pajamas and robes, and hauling them away in

      These wise oracles explained to us that                 handcuffs, as we have seen with so many of
      this entire laptop scheme was nothing                   the people who were associated with President

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