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Donald Trump.                                           them public, and that’s not right, because they
                                                                are true, and nobody else’s business. What
           But the co-conspirators went beyond
                                                                is still under review is how those facts can
        just creating imaginary evidence against
                                                                simultaneously be true, and entirely fictitious.
        the Bidens. They cleverly created believable
                                                                This is still clouded under a veil of secrecy that
        images of Hunter in various stages of undress,
                                                                may never be lifted.
        with various other individuals in a similar
        state, while indulging in illegal hallucinogenic           So we are left with the sad realization that

        substances. How they managed this remains               evidence of criminal activity should never be
        a mystery. This could really have hurt the              made public, especially if it is true and could
        Bidens, as Hunter tragically had a history              embarrass those who are under scrutiny. Those

        of unfortunate associations with drugs and              who dare to do so need to be held accountable
        female relatives.                                       in a court of law.

           The real coup de grace was the invention                I must confess that I am still learning all
        of fictitious emails, complete with headers             the ins and outs of our new justice system,

        and time stamps, that described a long                  under which whistleblowers might need to
        series of financial transactions involving              be prosecuted if they blow the whistle on
        classified documents. It’s still not clear how          members of our ruling elite. I may not have

        the plotters could have foreseen that those             the intellectual capacity to understand that
        same documents would be found in Biden’s                evidence can simultaneously be fictitious and
        possession. It’s amazing how thorough the               true.

        Russian cabal managed to pull this one off.
                                                                   If only Al Capone had realized this
           Now recently, attorneys representing                 phenomenon, he may never have gone to jail.

        Hunter Biden have demanded a criminal
                                                                   “Those are not my financial records… it’s
        investigation, and who could blame them? The
                                                                a frame up! But the people who disclosed
        people who stole that laptop from him, even
                                                                my financial records need to be investigated
        though it wasn’t really his at all, should be
                                                                for invading my privacy and causing me
        made to pay for their crimes of disseminating
        his own private personal information and
        data to the public. You know, the personal                 Obviously, Hunter feels safe in the
        information and data that aren’t his.                   knowledge that as a member of the ruling

        Remember, that wasn’t his laptop at all. It was         elite, he can silence any voice that threatens
        Russian disinformation.                                 him with prosecution. (Hey, it worked rather
                                                                well in the Ukraine.) Either that, or he’s no
           So apparently, those dastardly Russian
                                                                more intelligent than his father.
        villains not only made up a lot of true facts
        about Hunter to smear him, but they made

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