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                          Across America

           Each year, millions of Americans come                found success through their own service,
        together to REMEMBER the fallen,                        while also highlighting local volunteers across
        HONOR those that serve and their families,              the country and the success that comes from

        and TEACH the next generation about the                 serving their communities. The organization
        value of freedom. This gathering of volunteers          will continue its commitment to supporting
        and patriots takes place in local, state and            and bringing attention to the needs of our

        national cemeteries in all                                               veteran community while also
        50 states - most recently                                                showcasing the continued
        at 3,702 participating                                                   contributions of those who
        locations - as part of                                                   serve.
        National Wreaths Across
                                                                                    “There are many ways to
        America Day. Each year,
                                                                                 serve your community and
        a new theme is chosen
                                                                                 country, and just as many
        to help volunteers and
                                                                                 definitions of success,” said
        supporters focus their
                                                                                 Karen Worcester, executive
        messaging and outreach
                                                                                 director, Wreaths Across
        in their own communities.
                                                                                 America. “We hope through
        Today, the national
                                                                                 focusing on those stories of
        nonprofit announces the
                                                                success we will help change the dialogue
        theme for 2023 is “Serve and Succeed.”
                                                                around what it means to serve your country.”
           The inspiration for this year’s theme
                                                                   In 2022, more than 2.7 million veterans’
        came while discussing the significance of
                                                                wreaths were placed by volunteers on
        2022’s theme, which was “Find a Way to
                                                                headstones at 3,702 participating locations
        Serve,” and the need to continue to stress
                                                                around the country in honor of the service and
        the importance of service and the positive
                                                                sacrifices made for our freedoms, with each
        ways it can impact lives. Wreaths Across
                                                                name said out loud. Wreaths Across America
        America plans to focus on the storylines
                                                                volunteers work year-round to ensure military
        of veterans and military families who have
                                                                laid to rest are remembered, their families

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