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As the sky begins to lighten slightly, it
                                                                  will seem to get a little "pink" in color.
                                                                  At that point, watch the water!

             Finding and attracting fish in the                of the channel or center of the lake. The

      cold winter months can be difficult and                  original river beds are where the water
      even brutal, thanks to the cold weather                  is deepest and therefore the warmest. (A
      and the wind. So it is more critical than                lake map is most helpful, as is a good

      ever to learn everything you can about                   depthfinder).
      the fish this time of year, and keeping in                      The fish (stripers) will most likely
      mind, (as always), the moon phases. After  be found at around 35-40 feet deep.

      November 1, the fish will be in the coves                Jigging with a sassy shad jig, buck-tail,
      at night and early in the morning (pre-                  spoon, fluke, or other jig works well;

      dawn). In the daylight hours they will                   working the lure above the fish works
      generally be in the warmer water, which                  best. If the fish are moving too much to
      is actually the deeper water in the center               stay over them, move into a nearby cove.

            Almanac                                                                           by Bob King

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