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Use your depth finder to look for fish on  Spoon-Bill Rebels work well also.
        an underwater hump about 35 feet deep                   Running long lines allows the lures you
        and jig there.                                          are pulling to reach the 30' -35' depth.

               I used to fish with a friend from                The weather can be very cold and not
        Harrisonburg, who would go into the                     very friendly, so it’s wise to invest in a
        coves, following the moon phases,                       good snow suit or blizzard suit. There

        and find most times just one fish on                    are also several portable propane heaters
        his graph (he used a lowrance paper                     available that are designed to be used on

        graph). He would go after that one                      your boat. These are especially good for
        fish, and after he caught it, he would                  keeping your hands warm.
        not move. He would fish that same                                 Using a good depth finder will

        spot for a while, and he would usually                  help you avoid the areas where the trees
        catch several, even though he had only                  are. It's no fun catching a tree. I strongly

        marked one on his graph. He would                       recommend Having a "Plug-Knocker"
        use a buck-tail or a hopkins spoon.                     on board; it’s a sinker that slides down
        The lesson here is that you may catch                   your line and bumps your plug. Working

        more than one fish in a given spot, even                your rod tip up and down uses the
        though you may only see one.                            weight of the plug knocker to “knock”
               The other thing to do in cold                    the plug loose.

        weather is to troll, as slowly as possible.                    Remember to follow the moon
        I suggest pulling a double rig off a                    phases so that you will be most
        three-way swivel with a jig and a spoon.                productive! Moon Phases for these

        You may want to use down-riggers and/                   months are:
        or out riggers, and/or lead-core line.                      Dec. 7, 2022: 11:08pm-Full Moon

        My preference is to troll with lead-core                    Dec. 23, 2022: 5:16am-New Moon
        line. Lead-core line makes it  easier to
                                                                      Jan.6, 2023: 6:09pm-Full Moon
        pull your bait at the desired depth by
                                                                    Jan. 21, 2023: 3:55pm-New Moon
        counting the colors on the line(fishing
                                                                     Feb. 5, 2023: 1:30pm-Full Moon
        just above the fish). Each color gives you
                                                                    Feb. 20, 2023: 2:09am-New Moon
        somewhere about 10 feet of depth.
               Trolling is very productive when
                                                                       Remember: when there is a moon
        the fish are in the deep water and
                                                                at night, don't fish the first 3 hours of
        moving a lot. You can also pull 20 lb.
                                                                daylight, fish the next 3 hours skip the
        line, running the line long behind the
                                                                next 3, etc.
        boat, and pull Magnum Helibenders,
                                                                       No moon at night: fish the first 3
        Waterdogs, Big Macs, Little Macs
                                                                hours, skip the next 3 hours nd fish the
        or other deep running lures. Jointed

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