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      Fisherman’s Almanac CONTINUED
       next 3 hours, etc.                                     to the surface, cast to the spot where
              Another productive way to fish in               you see the bubbles. Lower your rod tip,
       these cold months is to fish pre-dawn.                 and very slowly retrieve your lure.
       Since this is a colder time, you need to                      As the lure comes across the
       get to your fishing spot before the fog                surface, it will make a "V" shaped wake
       starts to rise on the water. This means                as it comes toward you. When the strike
       getting on the water at about 4 am. It                 comes, it will seem very light; you'll
       also requires knowledge of the lake to                 most likely hear the hooks rattle when

       be able to travel safely to your spot in               the fish hits. When he does strike, set
       the dark. Be very careful traveling the                the hook, and the fight is on. This will
       lake in the dark. When arriving at your                be a good fight and it is one of the best

       destination (the mouth of the cove                     opportunities to catch a striper over 20
       that you are going to fish), stop your                 lbs. The water temperature will be 50
       boat, making certain there are no other                degrees or colder, which means it is a

       boats around you. DO NOT turn off                      safe time to do catch-and-release if you
       your lights, but try to shield them from               choose to do so.
       being visible below the water. Lower                          When daylight arrives, it is time

       your trolling motor and start moving                   to go in for breakfast and to warm
       into the cove, watching your graph. Stay  yourself. The chances are excellent that

       vigilant, and keep a sharp eye out for                 you will be arriving at the dock with a
       approaching boats.                                     boatload of good fish at a time when
              With your gas motor off, using                  others are just getting started. IF you

       the electric trolling motor, ease into the             follow the moon phase, you can fish
       cove. When you see lots of small spots                 again in the daylight in the center

       all over the graph screen, move to the                 of the channel or on humps in cove,
       center of these spots... some guesswork                providing that you want to and you
       is involved... and stop. Be quiet, and do              have not reached your limit! Brave the

       what you can to keep your hands warm                   cold, but be prepared for it and you will
       (advance preparation is important). On                 love the results!
       a casting rod, have a 6" or 7" Redfin,

       Rebel, Thunderstick, or the like, and be               You’ve often heard people say “Bring
       ready to cast. Your eyes will adjust to the  a kid fishing”; this is one case where it
       darkness. As the sky begins to lighten                 may be much too cold for a young child to

       slightly, it will seem to get a little "pink"  accompany you.
       in color. At that point, watch the water!

       When you began to see bubbles coming

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